Wistaria Project

co-producer, creator, performer

— the artistic collaboration of Jeremy Goren and Jenna Kirk -- grows strange works for the stage, communal performing events, and ritual-based plays in homes and odd places.

Our work utilizes a deep research on the practices (including performance) that human beings have developed across millenia and across cultures to create real communitas and the possibility for extra-ordinary experience.


We work from a shared desire to create performance events that are alive and innovative (even while engaging the past) and that bring performers & spectators to really do something together — with an eye towards nothing less than justice and equity and the mysteries of human existence -- cultural and political tricksterism and poetic sublimation.

We often work through collisions of:

performance/social encounter

ancient forms/contemporary society




the extra-theatrical/the banal

through experiments with immersiveness, disruption, the audience-spectator relationship, societal norms, economic conventions, intertextuality, interactions of digital & traditional technologies, and a rigorous exploration of the craft of the actor.


Looked at another way, having worked for years with youth and older populations across societal divisions and demographics — and having created and produced a myriad of performances and other kinds of events — we want to extend the confrontation with U.S. mythologies and society of our previous work into a more intersectional, communally creative real — and ask again, now in such a widely fraught moment in U.S. society and worldwide:


How are we here? What have we wrought? What can we do together now?