As a Teaching Artist, I am deeply committed to a safe and playful space when working with children. A majority of my work has been with Dancing Classrooms, an SEL program for children who are assigned ballroom dancing during the school day. Ballroom dancing can be a scary experience when making contact with your classmates. I work diligently to help create safe spaces for kids to be brave (through jokes and the rhythms of the lesson), I give structure so the children know the expectations (through repetition and joy), and I foster team work with the whole class (short sequences of success, sit down discussions with personal reflections, silly games and delightful music). At the end of all of this is an organized Culminating Event, sometimes with 8 classes moving and sharing in the hour, about 250 students at once, and all with a goal to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and their journey.

Dancing Classrooms
Dancing with Humans

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